Developing the Passion First

Passion First Wrestling Academy is year-round beginners program in Omaha, NE.

This program is specifically designed for any and all kids who are interested in exploring the martial art of wrestling.  Passion First Wrestling Academy is mandatory for our beginning wrestlers and highly recommended for wrestlers with 1 year or less experience.

Our system is designed to give each young athlete a fun and positive experience with wrestling. Athletes will move through a progression-based curriculum - focused on FUN, character development, health education and fitness - through wrestling.


Learn wrestling anytime of year that fits your schedule.

boys & girls - Kdg - 8th grade
sign-up anytime
no season long commitment
pay month to month
begin, freeze, discontinue or rejoin anytime of year



Athletes will progress through Passion First Wrestling Academy based off of the testing criteria set forth for their current achievement level.  As athletes advance through the program, they will receive a new shirt color to represent their current progress level.  

Testing occurs the last Monday of each month at 7:25pm in the Wrestling Room.  Wrestlers will receive a card the week prior notifying them when they are ready to test.



Passion First Wrestling Academy has organized a very specific curriculum, broken down into three achievement (shirt) levels. Each level will contain lessons and training divided into four categories for testing. 

Cognitive:  Character, Health, Wrestling 101 

Fitness Skills:  tumbling, balance, agility
Strength & Explosion:  power, core strength

Wrestling Technique: fundamentals, set-ups, attacks, counter attacks, mat wrestling (referees position) 

Wrestling With Character and their Passion First program has been a blessing for our boys. The coaches show enthusiasm, knowledge, and a passion for wrestling.

My boys are so excited to go each week, and we enjoy watching them learn and progress. Super happy to have found this club!!
— Summer Hospodka
Youth wrestling Omaha079.jpg
I am a huge fan of Wrestling With Character! I have two sons who have completed the Passion First program and participated in the Wildcat Wrestling Club.

The coaches are excellent and care a lot about the kids. Coach Murphy is an extraordinary coach. He has spent more time and effort than any other coach my boys have had in any other sport. He is teaching them to be good wrestlers and also to be good people and have good character.

I am very grateful my boys get to be a part of this outstanding organization!
— Stacy McAllister

Passion First Wrestling Academy Practice Information

Year-round on Monday nights

from 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Millard West High School

Wildcat Gym 4 - wrestling room

5710 S 176th Ave .

Omaha, NE 68135

Registration - Passion First Wrestling Academy

Monthly enrollment dues for Passion First Wrestling Academy are $55. 

$35 monthly for additional siblings

$16 AAU card and program shirts included with membership 


Our Approach to Youth Wrestling

Focused on the Process

Wrestling is a fun and rewarding sport!  Unfortunately, too many young athletes do not get the proper opportunity to experience this valuable martial art for a variety of reasons.

For the majority of kids that try and quit wrestling, the reason why is simple…they were not having fun.

Passion First Wrestling Academy is committed to changing the culture of youth wrestling by allowing kids to progress, learn, and compete in a positive, controlled environment.

Our mission is to give each athlete in our program a fun and rewarding experience.  We strive to nurture and develop kids of outstanding personal character while we help them reach their wrestling goals.

Please read through the Passion First Wrestling Academy FAQ for additional information.


Practice and Testing

All practices held at:
Millard West High School wrestling room            

5710 S. 176th St., Omaha, NE 68135

Passion First Wrestling Academy (PFWA) will practice once a week on Monday evenings from 6:00pm - 7:15pm.

Wrestling shoes are required.  Water bottle is recommended. Head gear and/or mouth guard are optional.

Program Advancement
Advancement Testing will typically be conducted on the last Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

Athletes and parents will be notified the week prior if selected for testing.
Athletes will receive specific testing criteria to practice and study at home for each achievement level.

Program or level completion times will vary depending on several factors including age, maturity, athletic ability, attendance, and behavior. 

Monthly enrollment into PFWA is $55. 

$35 monthly for additional siblings

$16 AAU card and program shirts included with membership 

PFWA welcomes all boys and girls, Kdg through 8th grade.
We recommend that Pre K and younger athletes participate in an age appropriate gymnastics or tumbling program.



Our curriculum for teaching and evaluating is broken down into four areas of focus:

Cognitive (learning) - Athletes will be required to develop a base line knowledge of wrestling terminology, rules, and strategies.  In addition, we will introduce several general health concepts and core CHARACTERistics curriculum.

Fitness Skills - Athletes will learn and demonstrate proper technique on a variety of base level tumbling, cardio and flexibility drills.

Examples: cart wheels, bear crawls, hand-stands

Strength and Explosion - Athletes will perform several exercises focusing on physical strength, muscle endurance and explosive movements.  

Example: of a progression:
 White shirt - squat jump
Orange shirt - push-up
Green shirt - burpee

Wrestling Technique - We will set our athletes up for success by breaking down and teaching essential, fundamental wrestling skills.  Our kids have the opportunity to learn at a controlled pace, according to their individual readiness.  Athletes will learn and perform new wrestling techniques in a progression that builds upon each previous level.

Technique Examples: 
7 basic skills of wrestling
top/bottom/neutral positions
attacks and defense - all positions



Learn wrestling anytime of year that fits your schedule. 

boys & girls - Kdg - 8th grade
sign-up anytime
no season long commitment
pay month to month
begin, freeze, discontinue or rejoin anytime of year


Passion First Wrestling Academy practice:

Mondays from 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Millard West High School
5710 S 176th Ave
Omaha, NE 68135