Wrestling With Character aims to develop healthy, confident athletes and first-rate citizens through the sport of wrestling. Developing positive, life-long habits of success is the primary goal for each of our athletes. Together, we strive to build champions in life and wrestling - by fostering a fun, positive, learning environment for all of our athletes, parents, and coaches.



Wrestling With Character is a unique character development and physical fitness program.  

Wrestling With Character provides young athletes with the opportunity to grow as individuals by experiencing life lessons through the martial art of wrestling in conjunction with our core CHARACTERistics curriculum. 

We hope that young athletes will be able to recognize and apply the lessons learned through our training, competition and education throughout their lives. 

Our curriculum is organized to provide a balanced learning experience focused on character development, health education, and general fitness - through wrestling.  



We believe that an individual’s success in any endeavor should be primarily attributed to their intrinsic desire to learn and improve.  In other words, they should develop a Passion First!  

With this in mind, our goal is to provide a fun and encouraging learning environment that progresses at an appropriate pace for each athlete based off of their individual readiness and comfort level.


Focus on the Process

The results will not be important 20 years from now. However, the PROCESS of achieving goals, along with gifts from the JOURNEY, will be everlasting.

We achieve progress through goal setting, positive effort, perseverance, and a mindful approach to getting better EVERY DAY.  #WWC365


Develop the Passion First 

The rate of progress and goals achieved become irrelevant when the individual’s success is being driven primarily from outside sources such as parents, coaches, and peers.


Each Individual’s Experience Matters

Every young athlete’s experience is distinct and personal to them.  Young athletes deserve to be treated, nurtured, and coached according to the unique individuals that they are.