“This is the time of year to work on something new. Freestyle is a great way to advance as a wrestler, become a more complete wrestler.”
— Tom Brands - Iowa

Olympic Style Youth Wrestling

Freestyle & Greco Roman

 April 4th - June 27th  2019

Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm

April 2nd - May 30th @ Millard West High School 

June 4th - June 27th @ Russell Middle School


$50/wrestler for Tuesday or Thursday only

Boys & Girls, Kdg - 8th Grade Welcome

“Most of the Folkstyle fundamentals needed to be a State Champion are very important in Freestyle & Greco-Roman. Striving to be successful in FS & GR will solidify the techniques and strategies that are essential in Folkstyle.
— Daryl Webber - Attack Style Wrestling

Bottom line – anytime you train for a different style of wrestling, such as
freestyle or greco, or even other disciplines like jiu jitsu or judo, it forces your
mind to look at things in a new perspective. It will cause you to see each
situation differently and get more creative with how you set up shots, defend
takedowns, score points on top, and so on. As you pick up new techniques in
other styles and disciplines, you’ll be able to bring those skills and concepts
back and adapt them to become a more well-rounded wrestler overall, in any
style. “
— Joey Wilson - Bulgarian Muscle

USA Wrestling Membership


Full Membership required for tournament participation.

Out of season training leads to greater success in the scholastic season. By continuing to work on skills, competing, and training, you will grow as a wrestler. You grow as an athlete.
— Joe Russell - USA Wrestling


“Exposing athletes to multiple styles of wrestling will allow them to develop at a much higher rate,” Nolan said. “The amount of mat time will be significantly increased and will provide them more opportunities to learn from different coaches and different athletes. Moreover, the exposure to multiple styles keeps wrestling fun and interesting and will help take away from an athlete feeling stagnant or bored.”
— Josh Nolan - Legends of Gold

Freestyle and Greco Roman Videos