Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy and approach for continuous, incremental improvements over time. Under this philosophy, everyone on a team displays cooperation and commitment to making small, ongoing, positive changes towards their goals.

We emphasize and implement the Kaizen philosophy into all of our program’s structure and curriculum.

Whether it is a wrestler on our competitive team with the goal of being a national champion or another wrestler participating in the Kaizen academy to supplement their football cross training, the concept of everyone working together towards continuous improvement stays applicable.

With a Kaizen mindset, we remain Focused on the Process. As with any martial art, the path to perfection in wrestling is endless.


We provide a large variety of options to give all of our athletes as much opportunity to improve and reach their goals as they need.

All of our programs train year-round, allowing families to participate as much or as little as they want. Wrestling is a highly technical activity and art form which requires thousands and thousands of repetition and muscle memory to be successful. The majority of wrestling clubs currently offer training for 3 or 4 months over the winter season. Just as it would in any other technical activity such as dancing, piano lessons, computer coding, karate, etc, disappearing from a wrestling mat for 7-8 months at a time between training creates a major “two steps forward, one step back” effect.

In the spirit of Kiazen, we recommend that all of our wrestlers stay engaged in their training for at least 8-10 months of the year. We provide several options to achieve this both through our Kaizen Wrestling Academy and our one practice per week Wrestling With Character competitive teams option. While the level of commitment and intensity of training should vary between all of our wrestlers, we believe the ongoing practice of Kaizen or continuous improvement, should be practiced by all.

Our programs are split into two general groups which will determine the type of training received. 1. The Sport of Wrestling and 2. The Martial Art of Wrestling. Wrestling is wrestling but we feel more athletes can and will stay engaged in wrestling training if we further breakdown the needs, wants, and goals of all of our athletes. Our sport programs will generally be of a higher intensity with a focus on competition preparation. Our Martial Arts programs provide instruction and training for athletes that are not interested in, aren’t ready for, or just need a break from the rigorous grind of formal competition. Wrestlers participating in our Martial Arts of Wrestling programs do not participate in competitions or tournaments.

Wrestlers that decide they would like to challenge themselves though formal competition should train and participate in the appropriate Sport of Wrestling program for their experience and age level.

Create Your Own Season

Starting this fall we will no longer break up our competitive team training into separate seasons for participation.

Instead, we are allowing families to create their own season to participate and commit their schedule to wrestling when it is most convenient to them. Families can simply sign up and discontinue as needed with a two month minimum commitment.

A season would be considered the time of year that a wrestler is committed to attending at least two practices per week and eligible for competitions. In season wrestlers have the option of attending up to 3 practices a week.

Additionally, we will offer a 1 practice per week maintenance option for any wrestlers (hopefully most) who choose to continue their wrestling journey on a limited basis during times of the year when wrestling can not be their primary activity. There is no minimum commitment for the one practice per week option.

Training Options for Everyone

Wrestling With Character offers a wide variety year-round training opportunities for fitness and wrestling to families. Our programs are designed for kids as young as 3 years old through high school. All of our programs are designed for and implemented to benefit the unique individual needs of all our athletes.

1.The Sport of Wrestling

In the traditional sense, most families are familiar with wrestling through these kinds of programs. These programs are designed to provide to help our competitive athletes to reach their highest potential.

We currently have three competitive teams available. Our competitive Wrestling With Character grade school teams are split up into Novice and Open teams. While our third team is for all middle school and high school wrestlers.

2. The Martial Art of Wrestling


While wrestling is largely considered and seen as a sport in the United States, it is also one of man’s oldest and most effective martial arts.

The lifelong benefits of training and learning the craft of wrestling are known to many. We offer several training programs for athletes that wish to learn and practice wrestling as a martial art who are not able or interested in actively competing in tournaments. Wrestlers participating in these programs will gain all of the benefits from wrestling training without the aspect of preparing specifically for formal competitions.

All of our K-5 beginning wrestlers will be introduced to wrestling as a martial art initially. Wrestling is a highly technical art form which requires a certain baseline of intelligence, maturity, physical competency and comprehensive ability to properly understand. Contrary to some stereotypical beliefs, wrestling practice is not a romper room for kids “with lots of energy” to come and bounce off of the walls for an hour.

By introducing young kids to wrestling in a tiered, systematic and controlled environment, we will both retain more kids and improve the experience for all of our athletes and families.

The Martial Art of Wrestling

All Martial Art of Wrestling programs are month to month with no long commitments.

FUNdamentals (Pre-K program)

Passion First Wrestling Academy (K-5 beginners program)

Kaizen Wrestling Academy (K-12)

The Sport of Wrestling

In-season minimum commitment - 2 practices per week for at least 2 months - month to month for additional months.

Maintenance Program - 1 practice per week, always month to month

Wrestling With Character 1 NOVICE (K - 5th grade)

Wrestling With Character 2 OPEN (2nd - 5th grade)

Wrestling With Character 3 (6th - 12th grade)

Wrestling With Character International - Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling