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We have been with the program for about 9 months and can not say enough wonderful things about this program or Coach Murphy. We looked at every club in town and chose Wrestling with Character because we liked that they take the time to coach the kids at an appropriate level and pace, unlike other clubs that throw young untrained kids onto the mat risking injuring themselves or others. We have been more than pleased with the program’s introduction of skills, agility, and wrestling moves.Even more importantly is how Coach Murphy and his staff train the kids to be good sportsmen. While other clubs focus on “the win”, Wrestling with Character focusses on the wrestler behind the win. We have been to a couple meets and have seen other coaches yelling at little kids, coaching in an aggressive manner, and all around acting like terrible role models. This has only solidified why we love Wrestling with Character. Coach Murphy successfully coaches his kids to a win by positive encouragement, going over what they have learned and what they should be doing in a kind and approachable way.All in all, as a family with collegiate, semi-pro, and pro athletes in our family, as well as multiple coaches; we understand exactly what is needed to make a child a successful athlete both physically and emotionally and have not seen any other wrestling club in the area that answers to these needs like Wrestling with Character and Coach Murphy.
— The Ross Family

This program is hands down the best!! Coach Murphy and the other coaches that put their time into these kids are 110% committed to each and every one of them! The best part is that not only are they teaching them skill and technique, but they are also instilling character, integrity, compassion and so much more into every wrestler in the program. 5 stars isn’t enough...they exceed all expectations!!!
— Kim Thiel

We are just starting this program with my son. He is a beginner at wrestling and so excited to wrestle. Coach Murphy has reached out to us several times prior to starting to answer any questions and I feel confident he will do well with this program. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the wrestling club and am happy to be part of it now!
— Traci Gemberling

I have had my boys in this wrestling club for a couple years now and I have been very pleased with Coach Murphy and the philosophy of the the club. He and the other coaches have helped to guide my boys as they start one of the greatest sports out there. I am also a coach with over 25 years of experience in the sport of wrestling and completely trust Coach Murphy with the development, physically, athletically, and emotionally of my boys. This is a great club to send your young wrestlers to. I highly recommend it and have done so many times with other people I talk to about wrestling! Coach Murphy works so hard to ensure every wrestler is successful and is so detailed with practices and the system that he uses, it ensures that all his wrestlers have the best opportunity to learn to love the sport of wrestling.
— Ted Glover
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It has been an absolute joy working with these great kids! I love seeing their excitement and eagerness to learn week in and week out. It is truly rewarding to see these kids develop not just in the sport of wrestling, but to see them grow in a character sense. And when the kids have those ‘eureka’ moments, when some bit of advice clicks for them, that is just the best! I think it’s great that the primary focus of the program is not about winning, but more on teaching technique and fostering a real love for the sport. I love that Coach Murphy has found a way to disguise teaching kids wrestling, about character, and sportsmanship in such a way that the kids only know that they’re having fun.
— Mike Buell

My son started this program about a year ago. The coaches and volunteers are great with the kids. They have a great balance of fun while also teaching the kids important character traits such as Discipline, Perseverance, Integrity, etc... It is definitely time well spent and my son has matured and grown a lot! I like how they focus on skills before the kids start competing unlike other youth sports.
— Mandy Semansin

Our son has been in thru this program and I can’t say enough how great of a program it is. He was a beginner wrestler and has learned so much. Coach Murphy and all of the other coaches are so great and work so well with all of the kids.
— Kim Peterson

The program not only teaches the kids about wrestling rules and strategies, but about life values and characteristics that make a good wrestler, team mate, competitor and friend.
— Anonymous

We moved to this program from another excellent program due to scheduling and the fact that it is closer to home. We were hesitant because we were already part of a great club. This club is great and we are very pleased that we moved. My two sons are happy with the move. They are even more interested in wrestling now. The coaching is excellent. I am particularly impressed with the way that they handle young wrestlers who are not paying attention or being disruptive: calm and matter-of-fact, calling them out on exactly what they are doing wrong and having them sit out for a few minutes. Not in an embarrassing way, though.
— Larry Koubsky

This a spectacular program for any level of wrestler from the very beginning of the passion first program to the wildcat wrestling. Our son has grown in more ways than just becoming a good wrestler he has learned important core values in being a great person. I would highly recommended anyone who is looking to get their child into a sport to look at coach Murphy’s program and give it a try because they will love it.
— Matt Leffler

My son was struggling with team sports. Everything was always somebody else’s fault. We decided to pursue a 1 on 1 sport. Something he could gauge what he put in, is what he got out. He has been enrolled just over a month and he will not stop talking about it.

Coach Murphy does a wonderful job. The kids are learning so much, not just athletics. I have seen a different attitude in my son since joining.
— Chris Kudron

The coaching staff at Passion First Wrestling also coach my child in the Wildcat Wrestling Club. This staff is led by an person who cares deeply about the success of every member of this wrestling community. The amount of communication, time commitment to each wrestler, and individualized support is unparalleled to any other sporting program that we have been a part of. If my child wants to continue his pursuit of wrestling we will also be a Wildcat Wrestling family.
— Jennifer Schidler

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I can’t say enough great things about Coach Murphy and this program! My son joined when he was just 4 years old. He is now 7 and has graduated to being in the Wildcat Wrestling Club. I have watched him grow and learn to control his feelings and treat other kids and people with respect and learn how to be a good sport and support the other kids in the program. Thanks to Coach Murphy and all the other coaches for all that you do for these kids!
— Mandi Buell

My son has been with this wrestling program since it started. The coaches dedicate a lot of time and have great individualized attention to the kids. The focus of this group is not only the development of the kids both mentally and physically with wrestling and overall athleticism and coordination, but an overall understanding of being a good person, and building within yourself to be a better person to and for those around you as well as for the kids themselves.

I would highly recommend this program for any parents looking to have their kids develop and grow, and be part of something that the parents and kids can both be very proud.

Coach Murphy is very good recognizing the kids throughout the year. Whether it be for a tournament performance, efforts in practice, a birthday or moving up in their own development path, coach is always providing the notice that keep the kids involved and loving the program.
— Matt Thiel

Very good for the children in this program. Teaches very good skills for life far beyond their youth, as well as the physical fitness they get.
— Eric Peterson

We have 2 boys who have wrestled for this program since the beginning & have truly enjoyed it. Coach Murphy is a great role model, his heart is in the right place, and you can tell he truly cares for his wrestlers. There is so much more to wrestling than the sport itself/technique....it is character building, humility, accountability, courage, physical & mental toughness, sportsmanship, respect, perseverance and so much more. We are thankful for this club and positive influence in our boys lives.
— Mollie Miles
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Skilled coaches great environment. My kids loved it.
— Daler Usmanov