Passion First Wrestling Aacdemy FAQ

Q: How do I discontinue my monthly payments?

A: When you are ready to take a break or have completed the program, visit our payments page and click the “Unsubscribe” button to discontinue your monthly payments. You may also achieve this by logging into your PayPal account and suspending the payments from there. You may stop payments at any time and can continue to participate for one month after your last payment date. No 30 day notice, etc. is required :)

Q: My child begins soccer next month and her games will be during PFWA practice?

A: We believe that children should participate in a wide variety of sports and activities growing up. One great thing about PFWA is that it gives young athletes an opportunity to learn wrestling any time of year that fits their schedule.  Families may begin, freeze, rejoin, etc. throughout the year as they need to.  We are excited to provide an option for families to try wrestling any time of year, without a season long commitment.  

Q: How does the testing program work for advancement through the program?

A: Testing is typically done on the last Wednesday of each month after practice. Kids chosen to test will receive a card the week prior notifying them that they will need to stay after practice the following week and should be prepared to demonstrate the appropriate skills for their level.

Q. What if my child is absent the night that testing cards are given out? What if my child misses practice on testing night?

A: Wrestlers need to be present both to receive their card and for the testing it itself for advancement. Make up tests will not be offered.

Q: Do you prorate or refund for missed practices due to Holidays or weather?

A: No, we do not prorate on a monthly basis. Your “membership” in our program is a treated as a subscription service. Members are able to utilize our classes, as they are available, as much or as little as they want each month while they are "subscribed" to us. Throughout a year, the amount of Mondays in each month varies between 3 and 5 depending on the month.

Just as we do not charge additional for months with 5 practices, we do not reimburse for months with only 3.

In addition, to make it as convenient as possible for families to begin with us, we allow registrations anytime of month as opposed to waiting until the beginning of each new month to get started. With this in mind, it would be very complicated for us to track payments and reimbursements based off a set amount of practices each month.

Q: “My son/daughter want to wrestle in xyz tournament this year.  Is that okay with you?  It is just one or two…”

A: We are firm in our philosophy that competition can wait.  In fact, we even named this program around that belief.  The Passion First program was developed to support part of  Wrestling With Character’s mission “to grow participation and retain more young athletes in the sport of wrestling…”  

We want to create a passion inside of our kids that comes from having a positive experience with the sport.  Many kids get “thrown into the fire” way too soon when it comes to youth wrestling competitions, have a bad experience and ultimately quit the sport because they were not properly prepared. 

We work to give kids a platform for learning the basic wrestling skills, rules and strategies before adding on the extra stress and pressure of a kids wrestling tournament.  

For those reasons and more we do not allow PFWA athletes to enter wrestling competitions prior to completing the program.  We intentionally integrate plenty of live wrestling, mini-tournaments, situational competitions, etc. throughout our practices to ensure that kids are getting experience to compete and scrap against each other.  

Our wrestlers will be physically and mentally challenged many times during the course of the program.  They will still get to experience that first cross face, fat lip, bloody nose, and mat burn - in a safe, controlled practice environment.  By facing these challenges first at practice, they will be better prepared for the mental and physical stress of tournaments when that time comes.

This is not saying that our way is the right way or the best way.  We encourage all families to research their options to find a club whose philosophies match their own. ( We will always operate according to our club mission, philosophy and guiding principles.

We may recommend “takedown tournaments” for some Green shirt athletes as an introduction to competition.